What happens once your home is completed and you and Herb make the final walkthrough? Nearly all of Anchor’s homes are vacation properties so homeowners ask Herb to keep an eye on their investment when they aren’t present. Even the finest quality residences are vulnerable to storms, forgetfulness and yes, even squatters. High winds, sub-zero temperatures, occasional flooding and the salt air pose unique problems for properties in coastal Delaware and Maryland.  And as the years pass, even the highest quality machines will need maintenance. In response to client demand, Anchor has formalized its inspection process under a new business called “Welcome Home” which not only keeps an eye on your new home but offers a host of concierge services to ensure time spent on vacation is as hassle-free as possible. For details on Welcome Home, click here.


More than just great service, in times like these you give us peace of mind. It is an incalculable value which we truly appreciate. - Mary