When the owner of a business is also your personal point of contact during construction, you know quality is being built in and exactly how every penny is contributing to the durability and style of your home. Anchor not only exceeds builder grade materials and specifications from foundation to rafters but over its 15-year history has developed relationships with quality local vendors and suppliers that can save owners on the cost of their home without cutting corners.

Anchor’s superior construction standards match its criteria for choosing materials. Studs are placed 16 inches on center, not the more common 24-inch spacing typical of so-called tract homes. Every level of your Anchor home from foundation to roof is securely fastened, safeguarding against storm damage.  Shingles are architectural grade to protect your home from coastal winds. Siding is also selected to resist the region’s abrasive soil and high winds.


We are delighted with the remodeling that Anchor Enterprises did on our beach home and together with Welcome Home we are confident that our home is in great hands. Thanks Herb and Steven for taking such good care of us now and in the future!

Marti K.